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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Istine View Post
    At least copy the files over to more reliable media while you decide - or write a horror story called Iomega: click of death.
    Too frightening for me to contemplate...
    The Desolation of Wordstar
    The Fellowship of Unix - characters being grep, awk, sed, nroff, troff, wc, uniq...

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    Can i ask what is the story about? What is the thing that keeps drawing you back to it? I think if you answer the second question then rebuild it all around that!

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    Ralph, you have my sympathies.
    Maybe what you need is a second eye to kick start the new version. If you have knowledge of the whereabouts of the post and can PM me a link I would willingly give it a poke and see what shakes out of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Rotten View Post
    Many years ago I wrote a book I had been visualizing for a decade or more. I liked it...but it was just not right. I was a new writer and my stuff was not commercial grade yet. Never sold that book, but kept a copy.

    Decade later I wrote it again, from the ground up, new protagonist, 100% rewrite. I Indie-published that book. It sold like crap. It still was not right. Just wasn't right. In 2019 I unpublished it on all platforms.

    So ever since, I have been filled with the urge to write it properly...for the third [email protected]#! time. I would have to be crazy to write the same book 3 times...right?

    Yet the OCD in me won't let go of it. I want to tell this story properly. I want to tell the story of the unseen hand.

    I should prolly take my meds.

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