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    Rock formations

    Underworld shadows, the movement of a hand
    it touched my brow, the fever
    smells of ochre and the litany
    we will be here forever sung
    as rain and wind steal particles of faith
    carry them to the water’s edge,
    set them adrift a million tiny babes
    seeking the lagoon of some Pharaoh’s daughter.

    When I was young in solemn oath
    I did swear the bible and all the words
    and fear to be truth-telling, sister, sister
    you smiled and knew that lagoon would call to me
    as soon as the necessary year’s accumulated
    here now I float, touch my hand
    and imprint a thousand caverns
    sing to ensorcell any daughter’s haven.

    Inside, in the shadows and rivulets that run
    with all the actions done
    handprints glow, red patterns discerned
    by closing eyelids exposed to bright hope
    all the while the caves chew the years
    hollow the space to receive the bones
    the heart a geologist watching solid steps
    become the mists of a new age.

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    I find this to be a really interesting piece. The fact that you’ve titled the piece Rock Formations reflects the constructs and institutions of organised religion. It creates that sense of constancy that religion can provide. There is something almost ritualistic about the language and the way the piece flows. The way in which the hand flows to the forehead immediately puts me in mind of the sign of the cross. It’s subtle and clever.

    I haven’t much to say other than appreciation.



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