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    color theory and writen words

    I was curious. can you use color theory in written form... I am curious because we all know color effects us... much to my dismay though it cuts through critical thinking a bit.. a.k.a the hero is draped in whites and blues but the villain usually in red black or purple{with a few exceptions of heroes in black}. I was curious fortwo reasons. the first is I had a problem. I had a four color power system not unlike shin megami situation but with three colors. I made the darker he color of energy the more powerful the attack. there all problem was making white darker. I solved that by making it brown. interestingly enough |I don't think this solved things. the other reason is if I wanted to have someone make art of my characters. they would be effected by the color choice I made. a.k.a the fact the my villain uses blue energy and white energy. any thoughts.
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    I like the idea of having regular, predictable color changes have an effect on the magic system. That's something that the reader could follow and understand. As for cultural symbolism, that's pretty variable, and I think you're free to associate anything you want as long as you take the time to show the reader what different colors symbolize. The question of art should be easier. Your artist (hopefully) knows even more than you about how to tell a story with color. If you explain to them how color affects your story, he/she should be able to use that for artistic effect in their rendering of the characters.

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    my color aren't as predictable but they do have certain connotations.. like blue having to do with free will...
    striding and swagering rootlessness with out end the precious flow of life.

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    When you say, "I made the darker he color of energy the more powerful the attack", I assume you also mean more intense or building in strength? White can be shown as becoming brighter or growing in intensity. For example, a dark blue can become darker, but a white cannot. The white can become larger or can have a halo. The darkness in your other colors is a mechanic used to describe the changing of their attributes. In this case, it's power. For white, this would have to be done by either changing it's shape, size, or adding a complimentary color based on what the white energy represents. An example of white becoming stronger would be a common usage of lightening or electrical fields surrounding the white energy.

    I hope this helps.


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