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Thread: Grab a partner! - Collaborator challenge (Intrigue)

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    Hey, that's great! So far we have:

    epimetheus and -xXx-

    PiP and vranger

    River Rose and Gofa

    Still room for more collaborators! Post up looking for a friend or drag one in by the collar. There's still plenty of time!

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    Hey, intriguing collaborators! How is it going? Everyone still friends? Are ideas proceeding?

    I'd love to know how this is working out.

    Also, if you haven't grabbed a friend and joined up there is still time! Just read
    The original post for details!

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    Pip and I are well into ours. Probably covered a bit more than half of our word quota. She just sent me her latest yesterday, so the ball's in my court for the next installment. I'm having a blast with it, and I hope she is too.

    Once I started writing novels: I have fun writing them, and I enjoy my stories (or I wouldn't do it), but there IS an overriding cast of production involved ... not to mention the work that comes at the end to turn that first draft into something fit for other eyes.

    This is a pure pleasure. Thanks so much for coming up with this, Foxee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vranger View Post
    This is a pure pleasure. Thanks so much for coming up with this, Foxee.
    Woohoo! I'm glad. It's going to be great to see what you two have come up with.

    I've enjoyed collaboration...I've been fortunate to have a good partner for that. Lots of shared energy and it brings "what happens next?" to the level of game playing sometimes.

    Thank you for giving it a shot!

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    It's great fun! Who else has signed up? Come on, don't be shy!
    Check out our showcase
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    or check out my personal blog, Hidden Content

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    I couldn't find my car time though
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by escorial View Post
    I couldn't find my car time though
    Tsk, I say! Get someone to give you a, maybe...a collaborator. Or a co-conspirator. Or even a straight-up partner in crime. You just can't be the wheel man if you forgot your keys.

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    1,000 words goes by fast. 500 each.
    Shit,,,I am a girl. I have a lot to write.
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    Quote Originally Posted by River Rose View Post
    1,000 words goes by fast. 500 each.
    Very cool, Rose! If it's too tight we can always expand the word count for the next challenge.

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    *envision the story*
    *embody the story*
    *communicate the story*
    *read aloud*

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