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    "Creative Minds" Plot Development Help

    So I've been working on a sci-fi story called "Creative Minds". It's about a boy named Davy Rametto and his friends who must stop a villain named PAST from killing the entire human population using a "Onyro" virus. I've already came up with some concepts for the story but I need a "kickstart" for my story so it doesn't turn out "bland" and "copied". Can someone help me out?



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    There isn't much information to work with, but a blank slate is a good thing!

    So, is PAST from the past? Why does he/she/it want to kill humanity? How old are Davy and his friends, preteen, teen, tween?

    How do Davy and friends find out about PAST and the nefarious plot? Presumably some government(s) would be very interested to hear about a plot to destroy us.

    Where does Davy live? Some kick start could come from the locale.

    Why is it called 'Creative Minds'? Is there something extraordinary about Davy and/or his friends? Are they perhaps gifted?

    What are the sci-fi elements to be incorporated?

    Ok, that's just a few things to think about for now. Good luck and happy writing!

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    I'm not a sci-fi reader but I love the name! It might even entice me to read sci-fi if the cover caught my eye. The word "creative" is choice. You can go anywhere with that. But it doesn't seem like an obvious title for the plot you have described.

    Maybe do some brainstorming for what in the story will involve creative minds. That might give you an idea for the opening scene. For example, are they already in a creative environment or job? If they already have creative minds, what would that setting look like? You could find something that is inline with current trends. Like maybe they design social media. Maybe that's how they found out about him, in the first place.

    But it's hard to give too much input when we don't know how far along your concepts are.
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    To me the difficulty would seem to be that they must stop him before he starts, if it is effective he only needs to walk round one major transit center and it is off. You need some sort of delay, like he needs to isolate the virus, or manipulate it to be more deadly, and this takes time. Otherwise they have to stop him right at the start, end of story.
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    Is... Is this an autobiography, Mr. Rametto?

    The classic formula for this type of thriller is to establish the ticking clock early, then let the heroes get close to success and hit them with a fateful twist. So they have to find the crucial virologist before PAST can get to her, but it turns out he was using them to find her so he could steal her notes. This pushes the countdown to almost zero. The heroes have to risk infecting themselves to get through PAST's laboratory and defeat him in time. Insert gay teen romance in Act II. Sell book and count money.

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    Thank you for the tips! Also, Davy is just the name of one of my characters. My real name is Temar. Although, it is loosely based on my childhood.


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