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Thread: Coffee and Poetry Make the World Go Round-Introducing Myself

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    Writers are machines that convert caffeine into beautiful words.

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    your fan BabesJJ totally

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    The first time I remember taking a serious crack at poetry was in grade 13 English. Mr. Rice had a student teacher in that day. A pretty red head. She took over teaching us
    about a kind of poem called a "Septet" that had a complex and difficult rhyme scheme. I was the only one in class who could figure out how to rhyme it properly. Before setting us to the task, she said points would not be taken off if we opted to cut corners and make it rhyme the cheap/easy way, because it was so difficult.
    I ended up writing about a particularly poignant Autumn day in the forest along the Nith River in Paris, Ontario, near where I live. Something about trees and sunlight and
    the different colours of leaves, and either love or danger. I wrote this a very long time ago, and unfortunately the poem was lost during a house cleaning.
    I wish I had it back.

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