TITLE: Slaughter the Soul
GENRE: Horror in a science-fiction setting, however the technology involved is absolutely unimportant, with the primary genre-focus of the story being on the fantastical elements.
BLURB: Angelica Harrison, local goth chick turned apostolic beasthunter, must face off against Nadenka Ivanchuk, the Mistress-Dominatrix of the Necropolis, an ancient city inhabited by humans who have become infected by a mutagenic gene-virus that grants grotesque, transformative powers.
SENSITIVE CONTENT: Violence. Sexual undertones, but no nudity or eroticism.
EXPECTATIONS: Definitely more than just a yay-nay. Specific inline critiques would be nice, but what I'm really looking for is more higher-level criticism. Does this scene flow properly into this the next? Did this character's arc evolve in an interesting/organic way?
AVAILABLE FORMATS: Google docs preferred, but I can email it as a docx/pdf/TARGA file if that's your thing.
TIMESCALE: One month. Anything past that, I'll probably have already have gotten impatient and decided I'm done editing.
OTHER: This is a second draft. Third person, I think omniscient?

PM me if you are interested, and I'll try and get back ASAP.