What are some fantasy story ideas?

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Thread: What are some fantasy story ideas?

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    I’ll try that generator
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    Do you have any ideas yet? This is more a discussion forum for developing your ideas than an idea generator.

    There is a story generator on Seventh Sanctum you could try and see if it spits out anything you like or can adjust and work with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSB View Post
    I want ideas that take place in a mystic school.
    When you close your eyes and picture being a student in a mystic school, what comes to mind?

    What are some of the common themes you want to portray? Redemption? Integrity? Courage? Heroism? Good v. Evil?

    What timeframe do you like to write in?
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    My current story I'm working on is a human baron wizard fighting over territory his grandfather took from his elf friend. the elf duke wants the the land back with a vengeance.


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