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    Hard Reset

    Hard Reset

    Press them






    hard reset



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    The proverbial flip of the switch. The magic cure all that didnít cure or fix anything.
    Symbolic piece. Not the kind of work Iím accustomed to reading but it carves out itís only little niche. Thank you for this one.

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    Hi there!
    Thank you for sharing your work with us! This poem was very creative, cryptic even.. I think it would be great to listen to this as spoken word. This piece makes me interested in what exactly inspired you and what messages you're trying to relay with this. I get the sense of spiraling and trying to relax or forget about a moment that causes great pain, but that could just be me.
    Good job!


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    The message on this one is very literal, but given that the world loves a metaphor, its meaning to a majority of readers will probably seem completely obscure. It is more about pragmatic optimism and a touch of Vulcan humour. The pseudocryptic styling is part and parcel of the optical illusion. Appreciate the reads.

    - D.
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