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Thread: Have You Ever Made A Word Up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MistWolf View Post
    Jerkmiller. Someone who is such a jerk, they have a job at the jerk mill cranking out jerkitude. "Jerkmiller!"
    The Jerkmiller's cousin lives in Pittsburgh and is known as the "Jagoff".

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    I've made up a lot of words when I'm in the middle of writing because I can't find a real world to say what I mean.

    fibonaccied - enclosed in a pattern, esp. a pattern based on the Fibonacci sequence
    nullous - having the (spiritual) quality of being null, not mattering, not good
    thundersticky - the quality in the air when it's extremely humid but the weather is about to turn to a thunderstorm. happens in Midwest summers a lot
    heartviolence - a passion to the point of pain or martyrdom, but with a physical quality to it
    In my mouth, if there be sweetness,
    It has come from my Creator;
    If my hands are filled with beauty,
    All the beauty comes from God.
    ~ from The Kalevala (paraphrased)

    Whom have I in heaven but You?
    And earth has nothing I desire besides You.

    ~ Psalm 73:25

    Christ is risen from the dead,
    trampling on Death by death,
    And on those in the tombs,
    lavishing light.

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    I think it's more appropriate, because most double-entendres are intentional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vranger View Post

    I think it's more appropriate, because most double-entendres are intentional.
    Like puns, double entendres should always be intended.

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    ridonkulous —extra ridiculous, you donkey.
    noobinstein— what you call someone you love who does something goofy.
    noobinhoond—- what you call your dog when they are doing something goofy.
    shat — past tense of shit, but I bet everyone has had to come up with this out of technical necessity.
    whelmed—- I’m neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed by something.
    meh— synonym for whelmed.

    Extreme colloquialism— meaning just at our house... I use “cute” as an adverb, predominantly, “You are cute to me” means I think you did something for me that I thought was especially nice and cute. A comment on the action.

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    Usually, new words are added gradually by the community.

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    Just thought of another phrase I use ... for when you see something you imagine you've seen before:

    Deja view

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    I just looked up “whelmed” and it is an actual word meaning “engulf, submerge or bury”. Example sentence: “The brook whelmed up from its source.” It’s from Old English “Hwelfan” which means to overturn something like a vessel being overturned in water. That makes so much sense! I love stuff like that! Don’t you? It makes sense that overwhelm would be the form we use most from its roots.

    Hmm! I also looked up underwhelmed which has really only been in use since the 1950’s and has grown in usage. It’s bell curve looks like it has topped out in 2019. I really really love the word usage graph info.

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    Juggernaut Mode- The gravity enhancement system a ten pound house cat engages to run through your house with the weight of a ten ton juggernaut. Juggernaut mode is used to remind humans "You have a cat in your home". Most commonly when the cat has the rips at 2 a.m.

    (Stolen from another cat guardian)

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    Nope. Unless it was a typo, obviously. I don't like using made-up words in the chance it confuses the reader.

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