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All I'm saying is that my Facebook and Twitter feeds yesterday were full of his famous quotes--specifically the one you mentioned (which also made the email rounds at work), along with several references to the "I have a dream" speech. Didn't see a single reference to Dr. King's anti-capitalist quotes, of which there are many. Or any references to his condemnation of white moderates for remaining complacent and making excuses for injustice and preserving the status quo.

Maybe my observation is egotistical, and maybe your reasons for sharing the quote you chose to share were altruistic. However, the whole point of my original reply was to point out that most Americans don't actually observe MLK Day, beyond vague hand waving at a very small portion of Dr. King's legacy, and that a lot of the people--at least in my social media feeds--who shared those three or four famous quotes were also vehemently opposed to the BLM protests over the summer and think the idea of making Juneteenth a holiday is preposterous.

This is why I quoted what you said as true, because it feels like we are pretending that we’ve arrived when we are still so broken and also because it feels to me like I’m not doing anything to improve things except living my life trying to do what’s right when I can... but being horrified by what happened to George Floyd and actually trying to fight against the widespread racism that we are still dealing with are two different things and I am aware of how different they are. That’s where the jaded and helpless tone come frkm, is the gap between the ideals and the reality.