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Thread: How Did You Come By Your User Name?

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    It's my name. A contraction of my real name, Eric H. Bowen. I made the considered decision back during the days of CompuServe and VICmodems that I would not conceal my identity online. With very limited exceptions (mostly for sites which require in their Terms Of Service that you NOT use your real identity), I never have. Yes, I understand that there are very real risks to this decision; I accept the risks.
    There are very few problems which cannot be solved with a suitable application of high explosives....

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    The words came from one of my special ed students
    several years ago. Every morning he’d get on the bus
    and proclaim the day. If it was Monday morning, he’d
    announce, happy Tuesday Eve! He was right, it was
    Tuesday eve. For a while I wondered what was his
    inspiration, my very brilliant deduction, deduced
    Christmas of course....the meaning of ’eve’ had clicked
    for him.
    ‘Every man is guilty
    of all the good he did not do’


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Rotten View Post
    Ralph Rotten is my real name.
    Really? Were your parents Sex Pistols fans?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiamat View Post
    Tiamat is an ancient Babylonian goddess of primordial chaos. When her offspring murder her mate, she transforms herself into a dragon and goes to war with them.

    Granted, I'm not so narcissistic as to think myself a goddess, and I wouldn't exactly call myself particularly chaotic, either. Mostly, I think dragons are super cool and I adore mythology.
    Interesting... the FMC in my current novel is named Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMightyAz View Post
    Really? Was your parents Sex Pistols fans?

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    It was either my real name or Ophiuchus.

    I picked my real name because I figured if I'm going to be a published author, my name will be on the cover of my books anyway. There will probably even be a little bio in the back leaf about me. So why not use my real name here?

    As for Ophiuchus, that's my favourite of the characters I've invented. He's an insane AI named after the Greek god, also called "the Serpent Bearer."

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    It's really cool reading your choices, it was a lovely read!

    I'm The Takeaway Junkie because I work in a Takeaway, a small family owned shop in England. This is also the title of the first book i'm working on. I have always felt people view Chinese people in a takeaway with great stigma and a part of me writes to join this fabulous craft of creating, self deprecating, discipline and release, showing others stories locked inside and that perceptions should change.

    Never judge a book by its cover, never judge a person behind the counter. There are many talented people hidden away cooking food, people left behind.

    Takeaway Junkie

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    Some days my brain is my friend, other days it's my enemy.
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    I don't have a user name. I couldn't figure out why I'd get or want one. But now I wonder what I'm missing my not using a user name.
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