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    Winter in February

    Itís a sunny winter February afternoon.
    Itís cold and dry.
    I can feel the combination
    piercing into my cheekbone like Iím getting a frostbite.

    Itís that kind of cold when youíve been outside for too long,
    the core of your thighs are freezing but your hands are warm.
    Itís sunny and you can see when you breath out, The air fogs up.
    The warmth of the sun lands gently on your face.
    Its eerily quiet and itís comforting to hear the snow crunch under your heel.

    At one particular moment,
    I was running.
    My mind is lost.
    I canít remember my name.
    Iím in shock.
    My heart is pounding.
    My ears are ringing.
    My eyes are puffy from crying so hard.
    The tears on my lashes have frozen.

    My lungs burn because Iím running so fast
    But thatís not the worst pain.
    My throat is scratched and wounded from crying so loud
    But thatís not the worst pain.
    My head is pounding from crying so hard
    But thatís not the worst pain.

    My heart feels pierced , my head hit
    by this reality i canít yet accept.

    I look up at the sky.

    Iím sorry, I cry.

    Iím so sorry

    I didnít know, I cry.

    I wish I did more.

    But itís too late.

    I loved you.

    Why didnít you call me ?

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    What I like most about this piece is the clear delivery and the way in which you draw the reader in and share exactly what the speaker is feeling physically, it helps to create a strong sense of space and place in the first stanza. This helps to ground the piece. Structurally I think stanza two could have shorter lineation and that would help both aesthetically but also slow the rhythm and pacing of the piece down giving the reader more time to absorb what’s going on.

    Finally for me, as I see it the emotion of the denouement is lost in the dialogue lines, I don’t feel the pain of the speaker. I see it because that’s what the poem is telling me to see but it’s almost like watching a movie on mute. I want the piece to make me feel as well as see what the speaker does.

    I hope this helps




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