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    Scientist by Day, Writer by Night

    Hello everyone. I'm not usually very social, but I thought I might get more out of a forum where discussions can be more long-form than I do on Twitter (which I don't use that often). I have schizoid personality disorder and only rarely interact with anyone offline.

    About me: my education is in biochemistry. I received my Masters from the University of Colorado, Boulder, after dropping out of the PhD program due to mental health and substance abuse issues. I've been a voracious reader since a young age. Probably 97% of what I read now is non-fiction - usually science, philosophy, and history. I write non-fiction on a blog, I occasionally write poetry that I guess would be considered non-fiction, and I write science fiction novels. I've self-published, but I haven't had any luck with querying agents or publishers.

    Anyway, I look forward to becoming a part of this forum, though I imagine my presence will be somewhat sporadic.

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    Hello! I'm glad you found WF. Congrats on earning your Masters, that is a great achievement. Sorry to hear that the PhD didn't work out. We have voracious reading since youth in common. Please come on in and meet the community, you're very welcome.

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    Hello. Welcome.

    Congratulations on the self-publishing! I'd like to do that someday but am intimidated by the process. Hope to read you around.

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    Welcome aboard my erudite friend! Please post something immediately and hit me up. I'd really love to see your work. Put it in the fiction workshop section though. It's not then seen by passing traffic who may be on the look out for ideas ...

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    Welcome aboard man. Loving your username.


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