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    Hello, I go by my pen-name, Kehlida. I'm a young adult writer, my main focuses are fantasy stories and dark poems. I'm looking for a place to share, seek advice, engage in contests and be a part of a community.

    Roughly six months ago I purchased everything I needed to start my own website. It's in the beginning stages and will be a long journey, but it's inspired me to reach out and explore. I've taken up learning basic web design and marketing from scratch.

    There's a lot I could go on about but a short summary feels appropriate. If anyone would like to know more, feel free to ask me.

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    Hi Kehlida! Welcome to WF! I happen to think dark poems are delicious and can't wait to see yours.
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    Hello back! Hope you enjoy this forum. It's very friendly.

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    Welcome Kehlida! Good to see you here, and good luck on the website!

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    Hi! I personally love fantasy stories, and I can't wait to see your writing

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    Congratulations on your ten posts, it makes you a full member. It was the tenth post caught my attention. Good comment, I hope we see a lot more of you about the forum.
    A new story

    I finally got 'A Family Business' recorded and loaded, all 37 mins of it, much longer than any I have done before.
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