Givin' it another go

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Thread: Givin' it another go

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    Givin' it another go

    Hey there!

    Trying to get back into writing after a few years. Goal is to finish one of the umpteen book ideas I started but never finished. Life and whatnot always getting in the way, damn it all anyway. Stupid bills.

    Anyway, hope to get some fine tuning, inspiration, and meet to new friends along the way. Was on hear, god, years ago, so figured I'd reintroduce myself since it's been a hot minute/years.
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    It can be hard getting back in to after a long dry spell, but totally worth it! I have written a couple of things recently and it has been great to feel productive. My writing still sucks, but at least I'm trying!

    Just know that nobody is harsh on here. People have great criticism, and I already feel myself improving. Hope to see your work!

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    I'm giving it another go too. Welcome.

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    It's great that you're still working towards the goal. Me too. Here's to not quitting.


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