2021 Banished Word list (including phrases)

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Thread: 2021 Banished Word list (including phrases)

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    2021 Banished Word list (including phrases)

    From Lake Superior U, which publishes a like list every year:

    COVID-19 (and abbreviations)
    Social distancing
    We're all in this together
    In an abundance of caution
    In these uncertain times
    I know, right?

    Feel free to chime in with your own. I will too, in time.

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    debunked and dubious
    Sometimes in the waves of change we find our new direction...
    - unknown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Istine View Post
    new normal: I hate that phrase.
    Thank you!!! I had wanted to enter the same phrase
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    sadly: banish the word sadly forever.
    Whenever UK ministers announce the new daily death total for coronavirus victims, they always say "sadly". What the hell do they think - that we expect them to dance around shouting the number jubilantly while wearing a bloody Noddy hat with a bell on? Actually, that might suit Pixie Gove.

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    Amazing - I've harped on this one before. It should have been banned at least 20 years ago. Every offender should have to sit at a desk in a parochial school, proctored by a stern nun with a ruler. She should smack the writer's left hand by the time the writer types the 'z'. Possibly we could weed out the over use and misuse of this word. (Pipe dream, I know).

    Literally - I suppose some people are afraid you'll believe they're exaggerating (which they are) if they don't include this before every supposed fact they relate.

    Uncharted waters - Not only is this cliché overworked (last year I heard a sports announcer use it three times in one brief speech), but even worse, it is often twisted into "unchartered waters". If you're going to use a cliché, at least show enough education to know what it means and not mangle it into nonsense.

    You're not wrong - What is the point of this? To me it indicates the speaker is so juvenile they can't admit the other person is "right", so they equivocate with this weak, overworked rubbish.

    I thought about writing "literally use it three times" above, as a joke, but my wife is currently preparing lunch, and I didn't want to ruin my appetite.
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    Basically is bollocks. It's rarely used correctly. Basically, only use it when referring to something that is basic - not because you can't be arsed to think of a better word.

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    I don't like using Literally. Don't ask me why.

    It just never sounds good when I use it.

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