CRUNCHED THE NUMBERS for my first 50 months as an author, and below are a few observations about last year's results:

1. 2020 was a mixed bag for my (nonfiction) book sales... April was a record low (21), but December was a record high (251). This compares to my overall monthly average of 78 sales.
2. Sold 998 copies in 2020, which is 2 shy of my goal. But under the circumstances, I can't complain.
3. Amazon ads typically result in 1/3rd of my annual sales and either break even or cost a little more than they earned. In 2020, these ads produced 45% of annual sales, but cost a whopping $800 more than they earned. Ouch!
4. In-person sales at speaking events usually account for 5 to 10% of my annual sales, but that dried up when Covid hit. Since then, my author talks are online only (meaning no more back of the room sales).
5. Covid gut-punched one of my books, but boosted sales of another. Afterwards, the rejuvenated book went on to have its best year ever and accounted for 84% of my sales in 2020. Yippee!

If anyone is curious, the chart below summarizes my monthly book sales since Nov. 2016.
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How were your book sales in 2020?