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Thread: Prose Poetry -- Are You a Fan Too?

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    I've always found a good crossover in writing is the author who specializes in one topic and use this intentionally or sub-conciously to great effect..Albert Camus springs to mind..
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    Personally, I enjoy it and have found myself writing prose poems before. I used to refer to them as thought pieces when I was much younger and before I realized it was an acceptable form when done properly. I find modern spoken word reads more like prose but uses the format of a poem as well.

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    I think prose poetry developed from frustrated poets writing free verse and getting tired of critics or the public saying that what they wrote was just prose broken into lines. So someone had the smart idea to say "okay, forget lines, I can write a poem that looks just like prose but it isn't prose it's poetry." The only difference is that the poem isn't broken into lines and it's written in full sentences but it has all the other poetic devices except end-rhyme because there are no line-ending.. That's what prose poetry is, poetry written in the style of figurative prose. There is a difference between that, and prose written in the line form of poetry. That isn't poetry and I think a lot of people get confused thinking that it is poetry. It isn't. The form, or line, is not what makes the difference between poetry and prose. Line is just one poetic device among many, many techniques such as metaphor, internal rhyme, alliteration, anaphora, rhythm, cadence, hyperbole to name just a few.

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