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    You don't have a problem understanding metre. You're mystifying something that is quite simple.
    I'm actually really talented at this! I can mystify nearly anything.

    The light has come on though the fog and this makes much more sense now. The meter/metre is affected by the speech patterns of the writer but the weight of the words/syllables is also their meaning. Meter as a structural component can carry context.

    Clark, your examples, even the discussion with Darren over the one about the bull, are so helpful and I think finally got through the murk.

    And when you're not well-versed in meter, that throws you off-balance

    Sounds like the next step is to try it out. They say that anything that's worth doing is worth doing really horribly at first so when I manage to get something written out, you've been warned.

    Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time and explaining so well.

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    S.T. Coleridge wrote a poem for his young son, on 'Metrical Feet'. I think he was trying to make the sound of stresses in his poem do what it says; that does not make it easy, but it helps demonstrate how daDUM sounds: like THIS. For example THUMPing is trochaic; so is gee whiz (where the GEE explodes and whiz disappears like residual smoke).
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    I looked up the poem and bookmarked it, thanks, Pulse! It's quite a glossary to tackle and like any new language it'll take some time. The poem is also adorable at the end.

    If I learn it like I have music and Spanish then I'm afraid I'll still have the understanding of a three-year-old after some work but it looks to be worth the try.

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    Hey Foxee! So yer biased against three-year-olds, eh? Got the ol' Flag Of Prejudiced Analogies (FOPA) flapping quietly in the back there, where ya figger you can sneak in yer Slanted Terms of Deceit (STDs) an' no one will notice eh? Foxee BANNED FOR LIFE for Flagrant Offences Against Misunderstood Youth (FOAMY) and other frothy charges just as soon as we can figure out how we can manufacture them to sound convincing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by clark View Post
    Foxee BANNED FOR LIFE for Flagrant Offences Against Misunderstood Youth (FOAMY)
    This one is easily my favorite.

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