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    Until We Meet Again (fantasy/tragedy)

    Arsien silently moved through the ashen ruins. Charred bodies, from those too slow to outrun the fireball, were everywhere. Armor and weapons were so much slag now, the stench of death heavy on Arsien’s tongue. Once-grand rooms were broken and burned, dull light sinking through clouds of ash and stone dust. He looked into each room in search of a living thing, and found none. At last, Arsien arrived at the courtyard, columns broken and cast down.

    He was there.

    Elenxes was staggering, almost drunken, muttering to himself. Arsien’s heart shattered, leaving something hollow and dead in its place. With every step he took, it felt as if shards of glass tore his chest, his vision swarming with tears. When Elenxes turned, his eyes blazed golden and bright as the sun, blood running from his eyes and mouth and nose. His eyes were empty, dead, mad, nothing like the human Arsien loved. Elenxes fell to his knees, coughing. As Arsien came closer, he could feel the heat rising until the air burned hot as a kiln. Elenxes’s clothes smoked, and where his blood fell on the dark fabric it came close to burning.

    “Elenxes,” Arsien began, before falling silent. What was there to say, after the one you love most does something unimaginable? What words can you say? What can you feel, after betrayal like that?

    “Help me,” Elenxes said. “Please, help me. I hear them in my mind- screaming, shrieking, demons! They torment me in my waking world, now. I see them in my dreams, in iron deserts and pools of blood, and in fiery skies! It’s going to be the world now, don’t you see?!” Arsien cried then, silently, hot tears running down his face even as it peeled in the heat. At that, Elenxes fell silent. A glimpse of the real Elénxes, who hated the sea, and who danced in the dark, and who only wanted to be normal, seeped through the soulless mask. More blood dripped down his face, and Elenxes touched his cheek. When he lifted his hand to his face, it was tipped with red.

    “What did I do?” He whispered. “Arsien, what did I do?!

    “Something unforgivable,” Arsien choked out. “You… you… did this. Why, for FUCK’S SAKE!? WHY BURN THEM?! WHY?!”

    “I don’t know!” Elenxes screamed. “I was in bed, and now I’m here! I can’t have done this!”

    “But you did,” Arsien hissed, voice broken with rage and sadness. “You’re a murderer. More so than anyone else in living memory.” Elenxes collapsed, kicking up ashes.

    “Please, forgive me,” he whispered over the sound of collapsing rubble. Arsien wept, as he stepped closer.

    “I’m not the person you need to atone to,” he said. He drew an iron sword, an old gift. “I want you to know… I love you more than anything else.”

    “If we had more time, we could have been so much more than this,” Elenxes said. “I wanted to have a home by the sea, remember?”

    “I remember,” Arsien whispered brokenly. “I wanted to spend my life waking up by your side. I wanted to spend my life loving you, far away from this.”

    “It’s just the way our stars crossed,” Elenxes said with a gentle voice. “I’m honored to have known you, Arisen. Have no fear. I know we’ll meet again, on another shore, in another time. Until then, remember I love you.”

    “I love you too,” Arsien said.

    The blade’s edge caught the light, gleaming bright as the sun. And with tears in his mismatched eyes, Arsien dealt justice.

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    Nice. Very descriptive and full of emotion.


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