Description Resources that might be worth purchasing.

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Thread: Description Resources that might be worth purchasing.

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    Description Resources that might be worth purchasing.

    I bought two of the books. This is one of the very few resources on description. It's by a poet and I don't know if he writes fiction. But it seems like the case as he is giving advice that has to do with writing fiction and description.

    I bought the student books. Before December ends I will buy the last 2 (teacher's guides). Then I can give a review when it arrives. But due to the slow delivery service. It won't be until January the 11th at the latest. It gives websites, youtube video ideas and searches according to the preview I saw (teacher's guide). It's is specifically for creative writing. He describes the process of description as using the library or any nonfiction book to help you find the vocabulary to describe (it is the teacher's guide of the blue sky thinking). I did many web searches. I decided to share and even found the author's website which made me make up my mind to purchase these.The

    Edit: I canceled and refunded this and decided to buy this instead. There were too many bad reviews listed on goodreads.

    The Writing Experiment: Strategies for innovative creative writing 1st Edition

    by Hazel Smith

    It is listed in creative writing programs and it's the only such book that I know off that is in their curriculum.
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