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    Quote Originally Posted by Olly Buckle View Post
    It's not all just stories you know. Some people write sermons, laws, instruction manuals, guide books, seed catalogues, advertising slogans and more, and nary a story among them
    Thanks for recognizing us technical writers Olly! Sometimes I feel left out...lol! I'm currently under contract to develop manuals and training materials for the government, linked to new Covid requirements.

    Funny thing is, my fascination with people is helping me do it. Because as part of the training we write scripts for scenarios, and try to identify why someone may purposefully or inadvertently not follow the rules. You really have to dissect people's motivations. Ok, I'm going to toot my own horn here, as you have given me the platform. I have actually become a specialist in this area and have won awards for my writing of policy training materials. Mostly, because I recognized a huge gap in training about 10 years ago, that most training in the areas of policy focused on gross fraud. Those cases are so few and far between. Most employees come into contact with more mild cases of policy breach, like minor cheating on expense accounts, inadvertently breaking confidentiality, or simple mistakes due to not knowing where to find guidance.

    When I taught the sessions, I would watch people carefully to see their reaction when they internally realised that they may have inadvertently broken a rule. You could read it in their eyes. In time I learned to warn people in advance of training not to share any personal experiences to prevent them from exposing themselves in class.

    But I think my fascination with people without doubt makes me a better writer of policy and training.

    Sometimes in the waves of change we find our new direction...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hewlett View Post
    I usually figure out the ending early on and blurt it out...which really pisses him off.

    This is interesting. Do you happen to watch a lot of movies, or would you say this is something you pull off naturally?
    I don't watch that many movies. But I have a very analytical mind, so looking for clues is something I do naturally.
    Sometimes in the waves of change we find our new direction...
    - unknown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hewlett View Post
    Ah. I ask because figuring out movie endings is something more of a trait an experienced movie watcher has. It's not something you can easily acquire just by reading tons of books, or winning the Nobel for a book you've written, when watching film consistently isn't your thing.
    Ah yes, but I am an auditor by profession, so I think that gives me an edge.
    Sometimes in the waves of change we find our new direction...
    - unknown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hewlett View Post
    You stated that you use your analytical mind though.

    I am sure you must be a very busy person working for the government as a writer, and working in one of the most demanding jobs in the film industry. Good luck.
    Yes, I hold a CPA designation, and as an auditor I analyze things.

    I am currently only on a temporary contract for the government writing training materials for financial staff and other staff involved with policy and controls. The scripts I speak of are for training videos, not full-blown movie scripts. Perhaps the word script caused the confusion, but that's what we call them. I don't work in the film industry.

    Thanks for asking.

    EDIT: When I said "early on", I meant earlier than the very ending...not early on in the movie. Perhaps that was confusing also. Words can get in the way.

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    Sometimes in the waves of change we find our new direction...
    - unknown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hewlett View Post
    So, you don't have an edge after all. If you don't work auditing in the film business, not sure your auditing for something else would be relevant here.

    I wasn't confused. But any hoo.
    Ok, my apologies.

    I may have overstated my ability, but I still think being a CPA gives me an edge on picking up obvious foreshadowing. I could be wrong...

    But thanks for calling me out.

    Do you know much about auditing and/or do you have experience in the film industry?

    EDIT: I don't see how auditing in the film industry is relevant to this conversation.

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    Sometimes in the waves of change we find our new direction...
    - unknown

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