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    Covid novels

    Anyone here writing a novel set in Coronavirus times? I think there's a lot that could be interestingly said.

    I mentioned in another thread that I'm writing a story about a solo mountain hike. It would be interesting to include a chapter about future Coronavirus restrictions as a background to what the hiker was trying to get a break from. But I'm worried that that could be a bit of a distraction to the main story, as if I'm really writing two stories in one, and I leave the reader thinking "Actually I was more interested in the Coronavirus story, I wish he would have gone on with that". So what do you think? Could I just write a chapter about the Coronavirus situation, and make it clear that the story isn't about that by saying that there's no prospect of any change in regard to it, so I then move on with the main story?


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    I'm not writing such a novel but I am sure it could be done. Go for it

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    Yes I'm surprised I haven't heard of any novels coming out about life under Covid. Maybe there are feelings that (a) everyone is already living it and doesn't want to hear more about it and (b) the novel would feel too similar to 1984 so wouldn't seem very original.

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    I think I want to write the main story and leave a few questions unresolved in that. Then write a prequel regarding Covid in which they are explained. But the prequel only appears after the main story. I don't like the idea that I might be mixing two stories together.

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    It would have to be good to knock "Love In The Time Of Cholera" off the top of the tree...
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    Pretty sure there will be plenty of written material, including fiction, relating to COVID, but since there are SO many different perspectives on it, I'd suggest being careful how you reference it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terra View Post
    I'd suggest being careful how you reference it.
    What do you mean by that? Make sure to stick to one perspective?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Escribo View Post
    What do you mean by that? Make sure to stick to one perspective?
    I mean that everyone on this planet has an opinion or perspective about COVID, from one extreme to the other, and everything in-between. Of course we are all entitled to our perspective on anything, but we also need to be aware that not everyone will share it and to be prepared for potential backlash. I've been witness to opinions about COVID becoming aggressive to the point of physical harm. Not saying your words will take it to that extent, but awareness is key in how we reference what we as a collective are experiencing, mainly because it's such a hot topic right now. In 20 years, who knows what we will have gleaned from the virus.

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    I think it may be a bit soon to expect to see a decent corona virus novel, it hasn't been world wide for a full year yet, and plenty of people take that long to write a full novel. Also we are still fairly ignorant about it in some respects, things like 'long covid' are only starting to turn up and we know almost nothing about re-infection and what effect vaccines will have, someone could put a lot of effort into writing it and be out of date in six months.

    A chapter about future restrictions sounds risky for just those reasons, if someone develops a good vaccine there might be no future restrictions, on the other hand ... I would play safe and avoid it if I were you.
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    This is an extremely good subject for a screenplay. It has in fact appeared in a movie which's name I do not know. It can probably be googled. But in one movie I heard it called it the noravirus. People can always call it the ghost virus, and it will sell well if the writing is done well imo if everything else works.

    That movie took place during a world war where history is full of conflict. At first, I thought it was the influenza virus in the Spanish Civil War. As I saw more episodes they called it the noravirus. Forget the stigmata associated with the name. It can be fictionalized. The series worked for me. Some children in a scene appeared injected with one vaccine and one did not survive. It is full of emotion and not melodrama imo. Now if there is no copycat concepts I would think it has to be about something else besides the virus to succeed.
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