"Tooth" as a nickname/petname

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Thread: "Tooth" as a nickname/petname

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    "Tooth" as a nickname/petname

    Hello writers

    Soo I have this rogish, sailor character that's been using the nickname "tooth" or "little tooth" to call a young character who's small and shy and overall cute. I wonder if it sounds pretty, appropriate or original.

    I don't know how it came to me to use "tooth" as a petname, I just thought it sounded rather cute and small a word in itself.

    But since I never came across such petname, I hoped to get some thoughts!
    (Other detail, the young character is always clad in white. But I only thought of that coinsidence later, soo perhaps it helps. I just hope it's not too weird.)

    Example : "Hey, tooth, need help with that?"

    Thank you for your help

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    It's not too weird. It IS the sort of inconsequential detail writers will obsess over, though. LOL

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    Or you could use names such as fang or molar
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    DEFINETLY haha. Because my native tongue is not english, I tend to question any original or personal endavors we shall say.

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    fang and molar sound too rough for a character that is small and soft-looking :/

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    fang and molar sound too rough for a character that is small and soft-looking :/

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    'Tooth' would probably be okay, but do remember to capitalise the first letter even if it's just a nickname.

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    I have problems with 'tooth' due to up-bringing where I say 'teath' rather than the usual 'twothe.' It's the minorest [sp] of flaws in my perfection.

    As to nick-names? I had a disagreement with a drongo on another 'place.'

    His position was that a muscular chap would be called 'Muscles Johnson' for example, whereas real-life, I said, would have him known as 'Matchstick Johnson.' Just saying, that is how it works. He wouldn't accept my 'wisdom.'

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    I'm glad it's a comprehensible thing then! and yes, you're right, Must not forget to capitalise!

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