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    Tell all book . Need advice

    I am looking to write my first tell all book about the trauma, trials and tribulations i had suffered at the hands of housing and medical practise . I have now finished the book and desperate to get it published. I feel it is extremely important for those housing bodies to be named in my book. I would like to name the people who was also involved but was advised not to. I am also in search of the best free publisher , if anyone had a good recommendation ill appreciate it

    My question is ;

    1) Is it ok to name the housing bodies -as it is imperative?
    2) Can i put the initials of the people involved?


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    I'd suggest you carefully check all possibilities. Never forget that these establishments have money available for lawsuits. It's always risky to use real names too (even initials could get you in trouble). You don't want to be further traumatized by these people so make sure you're protected.
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    Hi Pamelyn,

    My story will not be slaughter because i have documentation , emails exchanges to back up my story. It is imperative that these housing be named - that i will NOT leave out. As for the names of the people involved. I can change that.


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