Rueful Potato Reading Recommendations

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Thread: Rueful Potato Reading Recommendations

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    Rueful Potato Reading Recommendations

    Rue Dog and Potato Cat are the chroniclers of my home library. Here are a couple of our more recent reads:

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Name:	IMG_20201121_135326.jpg 
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ID:	26166 World of Wonder, Pillow Thoughts VI, Dearly, and Dandelion

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Name:	IMG_1635.JPG 
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ID:	26167 The Lost Spells

    Attachment 26168 The Psychology of Stupidity

    What books have recently made your shelves?

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    I was attacked by a cat the night before last night. I apologise if I am less than pro-cat, and probably my hand will be amputated, unless I visit a chemist, or wash very soon.

    Memories are of reading five big books this last year passed.

    I project to read rather more books in 2021. Fussy, unless the narrator shares my every perspective I reject most stories - especially these sci-fi stories. Terrible experience on a sci-i forum... members spend their lives talking the Tolkien & the Star Trek hobbies. Thinking to form evil syndicate to eliminate all Hobbit networks? PM for evil details.

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    I had started out 2020 with this high-flown idea of reading some authors who were unfamiliar to me. Can't say I've done a great job with this but there were a few:

    Catherine Steadman. Mr. Nobody and Something in the Water. I liked Mr. Nobody a bit better but they were both pretty good.
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Name:	510NT3uw-hL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg 
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ID:	26172

    Richard K. Morgan. I was putting off reading this for some reason and when I finally did it was really really good cyberpunk.
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Name:	51f48HNnLoL.jpg 
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ID:	26173

    C.J Box. I've enjoyed any of his books that I've picked up. Joe Pickett series especially.
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Name:	51D7SKaEjoL._SX282_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg 
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ID:	26174

    I might have mentioned Naomi Novik before, can't remember. So good.
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Name:	us-spinningsilver.jpg 
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ID:	26175

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    Attachment 26176Attachment 26177

    Happened across these last week. Munched through them in a couple hours. Ancient Eygpt has never been quite this much fun! A great series for those hard to please readers.

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    Attachment 26182

    This lovely bit of taboo was an intriguing read, given the fact that the Mutter Museum is on my bucket list.

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Name:	IMG_20201205_100044_163.jpg 
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    World of Wonders is a bite sized delight.

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ID:	26210

    From the Books That Live Under the Bed...

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Name:	41glbr+9DBL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg 
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ID:	26215

    I just started listening to this audiobook and it's a delight. If you're a Star Wars fan it's nice to hear C-3PO's actor's gentle voice describing how the character came to be and what it was like to play the role in the Star Wars movies wearing a 60+ pound suit.

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    Rue Dog with today's selection...Monsters of the Deep.

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Name:	IMG_20201218_114731_979.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_20201216_164631_506.jpg 
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ID:	26248

    Tales From the Inner City, Shaun Tan

    Jack Frost, William Joyce

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