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    I am wondering if my writing could add value to the community. I would like to share some of it in time, as well as network within the writing community. I am seriously considering this as a hobby / career as I am already living on a small pension and have ample time on my hands.

    I can be a poor speller sometimes and be a lazy typer depending, I have developed poor habits typing on unprofessional forums or formats of social media etc, so it will be an extra effort on my part to correct all the bad behavior from the past. Ie, typos, intentional misspellings, making words up myself . . . things like that.

    Anywho, I love science fiction stuff, read very little science fiction however. That may be weird or arrogant of me but I am not like a huge reading or writing fan. I am just really creative and have a crap ton of time on my hands and have been lazy recently in my life. That and science fiction video games . . . cough cough, yea I have a lot of creativity to work with here. Thing is, idea was to create a novel, then a series of novels, and to could I ever get paid for something like that? So I wrote something I call a plotline. Its simply the main idea of each story and events that occur as the story moves along from start to finish. It is an adventure after all, and the characters are identified. I just wonder if I should take this seriously or not? I mean, originally my first novel idea was to describe the life of a star gate attendant as they live their life aboard the gate, and witness day to day life. Maybe involving pirates, or anti pirates, or to get main character sucked into a huge plot and ends up saving the world or something. That lead to a chronicle starting with humans survivng extinction, making contact with aliens species, to spiritually evolving and facing extinction again, to discovering origins of mankind . . . I mean I have been told I have potential in my writing.

    I can see why writing is good for me now, that I am older and have lived a bit and have some experience behind me. But I guess I just won't know till I write it all out and edit it and have others read it. So I guess that is what I am here to do. My goal is to write a short novel a month, whether good or bad or whatever it is, it is. And I would like to learn to receive criticism for it, and learn to better the content. And to see if I enjoy it, and if others enjoy the material.

    So I guess those are my intentions. I don't know if I am in the "write" place for this, lol pun intended, but yea, I guess I give it a go.

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    Hi, you seem keen and you're a fantasy writer, so welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by natifix View Post
    So I guess those are my intentions. I don't know if I am in the "write" place for this, lol pun intended, but yea, I guess I give it a go.
    Yep, you certainly are! Welcome aboard
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    Hey there! I'm a big fan of fantasy and sci fi myself, so it's always nice to meet a fellow speculative fiction writer. Welcome!
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    Thanks, folks! It looks like a nice and active community. xD

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    Hello and welcome, you're going to love it here. 😁
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    Once you join you never leave.....
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    Yep, we are a writing family
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Being in lockdown has got me thinking about other ways to put out my stories. People have been using video a lot and it has inspired me to start a YouTube channel with some of my stories, you have to write them first, but it's a fun way to present them. I don't know if it will ever pay me anything.

    Quote Originally Posted by escorial View Post
    Once you join you never leave.....
    No, but sometimes you go AWOL for a bit Good to see your name come up again, welcome back
    Apologies I have duplicated the last two videos in error. Give me time I will find out how to delete the duplicates, in the meantime avoid the ones with a date instead of a title.

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