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Thread: Any ideas?

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    Any ideas?

    Hello writers. Ive been stuck on an idea and I keep asking myself why do this? Is there any reason you can think of, to embed something in a new borns mind. Text, information, a phone number. An example would be embedding an important document, or ancient scroll in the babies mind. Whats the purpose? Why do this? What will it serve later in the story? I cant come up with anything. Any ideas?

    I greatly appreciate you all.

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    If this is information a newborn could access later in life, it makes perfect sense to embed them with basic good life practices; from super basic stuff like 'don't touch fire' to basic computer or electronic maintenance, or even emergency protocols. Now, these ideas are more of a societal basis and don't really work if you want to make it a plot point that a specific child has something specific embedded in their minds. Unless this child was secretly a test subject for the implementation of a known-from-birth basic knowledge system.

    If psychics exist in your world, or even just mind scanning, implanting something vital/secret into a child's mind mind be a good way to keep something hidden. A newborn isn't gonna be able to scream "the password to the safe is 3-32-132" or whatever the info is.
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    Crypto-currency marker or chip, communication module (to replace cell phones), locator chips to track movement of citizens.

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    Thank you so much for the help Fiender. That was a great post. The story takes place in the ancient world. And it is a specific child with something specific embedded in his mind. Its the writings from a fragment of an ancient tablet. This ancient tablet contains knowledge and wisdom from another world. One thought is that this information can give him a an intelligence boost but its roughly the year 1000 BC and I cant think of a way to use this. On one hand I want to scrap the idea, but on the other hand if I can come up with a purpose for it then Id like to keep it.

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    All great ideas. My story takes place in ancient times. I cant make use of this type of technology.

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    In some countries, some religious stuff are read in the ear of a newborn.

    People are superstitious and they think the child will grow up to be pious if they do that. If only that were the case.

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    Yes, I have known of that. Ive been thinking about it for a few days but I just cant come up with anything. My story is in ancient Mesopotamia. They had their gods that they prayed to so that parts good to go. I cant think of the "information" to be put in the kids mind because I dont have a reason to access it. The "info" is there, I have it already....but they embedding thing, I dont have a call back for it.

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    It could be an inherent ideal of the practices involved with particular gods. Matters of restraint or built in fear to quell future rebellion, a kind of imposed slavery under the gods to prevent discourse and some parts of free will.
    Are you wanting the gods to have embedded them? Do you have any ideas on who did it otherwise? Is it genetic?
    It could provide a good hurdle if there was sufficient conflict with the way that the gods did things but it was just implanted that it felt normal and everyday despite the horrors of it. It could also be something more basic like specific survival instincts, or tribal separations.
    Example. One god implanted a "crop" of children to be faithful to him, while others still took their own, and despite not having much reason to dislike one another, they felt enmity that they could not explain as they grew older.

    Just spitballing, hoping something helpful comes of it. I'm not in your head, so I'm not sure where to jump off from, but i'm here if you'd like to discuss it further.

    Alternatively, if it's not something meant to affect the baby and rather is more like a piece of information to be regained at a later time, let me know and I'll brainstorm that idea too.
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    First off, thanks for helping me. I found your post very helpful. This thought/idea has been kickin my butt. Now let me simplify what I have written in this scene of my story.

    Using his magic, a royal priest "Asipu" (Assyrian/Babylonian wizard/magician) embeds a fragment of a larger broken ancient tablet into the mind of a new born who happens to be a demi god. His parents are the king and queen of the Assyrian empire circa 1000BC or so, but who fathered him is an ancient Mesopotamian god. I was thinking Nanna/Sin who is the moon god. Nanna for the Sumerians, and Sin for the Assyrian/Babylonians. Maybe Ashur, or maybe Marduk. I dont know.

    You suggested basic survival instincts which got me thinking that maybe Ive been thinking to grand. Maybe it should just be something small. But then again, is anything implanted small? Wouldnt anything be big?

    Thanks for taking the time to read and post. You helped open a door I didnt see. Been at this alone for a long time. I hope to hear more from you.

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    I had another idea, you actually made me think about a story i was writing a while ago, where a family line had genetic memory, so each first child in the direct line would grow into the memories of thier ancestors, while adding their own. So at age 3, they'd remember having lived through being 3 years old ten or twenty times.

    I do agree that anything would be pretty big if implanted into an infant. There's no frame of reference, so any information would feel gargantuan and important.

    If it's a fragment, that lends itself to a mystery about what the other pieces are, and what the whole is. That's a useful device to keep interest, as that question will always be in the back of the reader's head. (What is the whole message)

    it gives you a lot of freedom and time to figure it out. Eventually, I hope that lightning will strike and you'll feel that buzz of excitement from having figured out the secret, leaving only to parse its pieces and put them in place.

    Is the tablet related to the parentage? or is it something disconnected?
    I mean like, is it related to the traits of the parent god, like fertility and a prosperous herd of cattle? If so, it could be knowledge of animal husbandry, something not inherant without teaching in most people. Some people like animals, certainly, but inherantly knowing how to breed and take care of them right is a pretty long-learned tradition.
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