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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylonkid View Post
    You read my mind. A trilogy is what I inteded. Thank you so much.

    Edit* What are your thoughts on the betrayer, the Dark Ones minion being the kings brother? I wanted to make the king a demi god too, but if theyre brothers then theyre both gods and the new born is also a demi god. Too many, maybe.
    I wouldn't make the king a demi-god, nor would I make the traitor guardian his brother or the court magician, but it's not my story.

    If you do make the king a demi-god, you'll need to kill him before his son comes of age.

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    In the version I wrote I had the queen impregnated by one of the gods so the king is a mortal man. I can change the god but I went with the moon god Sin. The traitor guardian is not the kings brother.
    On your point about a court magician... I did have all 7 guardians be at some level of magic. For example, the good guardian embeds his fragment in to the babies mind. And I want the good and bad guardians to be equal strength. The other 5 could be less.

    Whether the king is or is not a demi-god, he is double crossed and killed by the evil guardian. His name is Aprim by the way which means "two faced". Sorry I hadn't mentioned this part before.

    I struggled so long because I wanted the story to be accurate with the dates, places and peoples names. But then I thought, Im writing a fake story. Im not writing a history book. So its okay that somethings are not 100% accurate. A great example is my opening scene at the Tower of Babel where the baby is born. The big battle takes place inside, after the baby is born. The bad guardian kills the king and crowns himself. The good guardian saves the baby and takes him to the Lighthouse at Alexandria. Then Id think about if they both existed at the same time. The Lighthouse is ancient history but the Tower is much older if it even existed at all. Do all my places exist at the same time? If I go 1000BC Ill have the Tower that should exist (fact), the kings name is Ashurnasirpal II (fact), but I dont know his real name because when I reasearch the ancient kings we dont have records of their real names. They often changed it and usually its 2 or 3 parts. For example my king is Assur (the main god of the Assyrians) and Nasir-Apli (is guardian of their heir) which we translate to Ashurnasirpal. We know king Ashurnasirpal did not have a demi-god son, nor was he killed on the birth night of his son.

    Thanks again for your time and help.

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    If it is fiction you can mess with the history as you like, my problem is that I read Aprim as Asprin.
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    They do look the same. They even sound the same. Dang.

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    Don't worry, it is probably only my strange mind. After all you had not noticed it until I infected you with the thought.
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    A whole swathe of entertainment, all sorts of lengths, all sorts of stories, all with that 'Olly' twist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olly Buckle View Post
    Don't worry, it is probably only my strange mind. After all you had not noticed it until I infected you with the thought.
    No, it's my strange mind too.

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    What's in a name right? Everyone has been so helpful. I appreciate your time.

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    Thank you. And sorry for missing your question. Still learning how to navigate this site. Yes, I have mad progress with everyones help. But I have also been confused and not satisfied with some of my ideas. Can you think of any story or movie that has a triggered call back type thing like I'm trying to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taylor View Post
    "Peace" comes to mind. So then conceptualize seven major leadership decisions that if had occured in 1000BC would have created peace in modern time.

    What is the trigger though? That would be where you as a writer use your creativity. Because he has no control over the trigger, it could be anything you want really. A certain type of bird that lands on the window sill. A particular snake that slithers through the room. I know for myself whenever the sky is a certain colour, sort of a smoky grey when the sun is trying to break through and just can't, it triggers strong memories for me.

    But then I wonder if I am heading into a different direction than you intended with your concept. Have you already defined what the almighty cosmic and supreme is?
    Thank you for helping, and I am sorry I missed replying. I tend to miss a lot.
    You are not heading into a different direction. Yes, I have my almighty gods. They are an ancient race from another world.

    I think I have my solution. Using the same "magic" that embedded the fragment, the "good" Asipu will trigger the young mans mind to uncover the fragment of the tablet. Now I have to figure out how we're going to see this fragment. If he closes his eyes type of thing, he will see it. Or is it a holograph that we can all see?

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    I re-read your post and like your ideas very much.

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