The best I can do is recommend looking at the Yellow Pages at There are editors and other services that list there, and you can see some reviews from customers. You don't have to join the site to read, only to reply. Always research people, and ask for a sample edit. Most will do a short sample for free.

On the site, there's a ribbon with several links. If you hover over Authors, you'll see the link. The site isn't what it was, before the new owners took over, but there's still good stuff there, and the Writers Cafe often has very good info for self publishers.

I think the reason many don't recommend anyone is because the editor will end up getting too busy to be useful to them. It's a small bit of selfishness in a business where people are generally eager to help others. It's the same with cover designers. But I do see it happen on other sites, so it's not unheard of.