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    Different Love

    Different Love

    My father is a tall man
    lean-limbed and a little
    out of reach

    He pulls a sweater over me
    shakes his head
    pinches his lips
    pulls over a different sweater or
    a button up
    some knee-long khaki shorts
    Velcro lace sneakers
    navy down jacket
    this goes on

    I see the tremor in his fingers when
    on our scrappy little balcony
    he smokes and sits and rakes
    his nails through his hair
    I don’t know if he’s praying
    or laughing
    at the sorry misery
    that is our kitchen sink
    crusted and clogged
    from when we wash our hair out
    with old dish soap
    he rinses my scalp
    and the water trickles down
    my forehead
    onto my knuckles
    and I remember him
    so I hum

    Back inside he tosses the tags
    his fingertips are red-raw from
    clothing me

    We are in church now
    dressed and clean and the fluorescents
    white-hot in the lobby
    my father wipes his forehead
    with the Ross receipt
    and stalks a tray
    of holy oil capsules
    rubs one into his palm
    and puts it up for me to see

    The linework grooved
    the Lord’s work

    I stare at his hand and imagine
    what it would look like
    with mine in it

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    Hi GSBoktor - excellent poem, nice to meet you, welcome to WF. I really like this. Brilliantly observed detail, the end and beginning tie together superbly, I could go on, well, for a long time. Great to have you here. I'm really looking forwards to seeing what else you write. Great poem, all the best PG
    'I don't know what I'm doing'

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    That is a very beautiful poem.
    Welcome to Writingforums.
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    Thank you guys for the warm welcome!

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    This poem is so beautiful and so intimate! The relationship implied is so interesting. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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    Thank you, Timothy!

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    This is a lovely heartwarming poem about the love and bond a father has to a child. There's so much in his poem -- many scenarios form in my mind- what a good poem dies. Welcome to the showcase, hope to read more of your work..
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    at mans greed and pride
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    I really enjoyed the feeling in this poem. There are a lot of things to ponder, lots of nooks and crannies to explore. Lovely!

    Welcome to the Showcase. Hope to see more from you, here.
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    To compare with pure imagination.
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    A child's love and reverance for a father who is slightly out of reach - this poem is rich with admiration and love, run through with an almost imperceptible sigh of sadness. A beautifully nuanced study of love through a child's eyes.

    Welcome to the poetry forum, GS.


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    loved that last line, really strong poem, thanks for the read.

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