Romances in Long Poems

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Thread: Romances in Long Poems

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    Romances in Long Poems

    1)White Snake Genie

    Once upon a time, there lived a little boy;
    He often went to a nearby hill to play.
    He saw a white tiny snake there one day,
    While he was picking a purple pebble for a toy.

    The tiny snake was dying of hunger and thirst,
    The boy was pitiful and took it home,
    And gave it food and water under his dome
    Until the tiny snake would almost burst.

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    A few days later, the snake looked alive,
    And the boy put it back to where it's found.
    The snake was happy, crawling round and round,
    Knowing it was her old home she did arrive.

    How time flies; a thousand long years did pass.
    The boy was now a young man of twenty-two,
    For fifteenth incarnations he had gone thro.
    Now he was at the age to desire a lass.

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    The white snake was now a thousand years old.
    As she'd learnt magic, she turned to be a girl,
    So pretty with her dark hair in long curl.
    She left her home on the hilltop so cold.

    She wish'd t' go to the human world to seek
    For the boy who'd saved her life long ago.
    She wanted for him to have something to do.
    She wanted to be his little wife so meek.

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    On her way downhill the white snake did meet
    A green snake of five hundred years of age.
    They fought each other out of sudden rage.
    Then the white snake the green snake did defeat.

    The white snake thereby made green snake her maid,
    As her magic was much more powerful,
    And she could change herself more beautiful,
    Since she's five hundred years older, it's said.

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    The man lived in Hangzhou, by name of Xu.
    He worked as a salesclerk in a drug store.
    His dearest parents had died long before.
    He lived alone like a lone orphan, too.

    How beautiful and scenic is the West Lake.
    Lots of visitors go there everyday.
    Xu was free and went for sightseeing one day,
    When rain suddenly pelted on the lake.

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    The rain was caused by the white snake with magic.
    She knew that Xu would come that very day.
    If they could unite, she'd be happy and gay.
    She attired herself and put on best fabric.

    She lodged in a rented house with her maid.
    Both girls sauntered that day on the lakeside.
    Xu got face to face with girls side by side.
    To such pretty girls full attention he paid.

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    They introduced to each other as soon.
    I am Miss White, and it's Little Green, my maid.
    We live in a house in the city.” she said.
    They talked and talked, and it was almost noon.

    Just then came out of the blue a sudden shower,
    Caused surely by the magic of Miss White.
    The girl to her house the man did invite.
    He said Yes as he saw her smiling like flower.

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    In her house they had a dinner party.
    Little Green, the maid, cooked delicious dishes.
    And Miss White had, indeed, secret wishes.
    The maid tried her best to make them marry.

    As he was still single, he's glad to have the wench.
    So they united in holy matrimony.
    They had some guests for the wedding party.
    The visitors all sat on wooden bench.

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    Xu did not know that his wife was a snake,
    Or he would certainly be scared to death,
    And would be lying on bed without breath,
    And would never and ever be awake.

    The new couple felt happy after wedding.
    Xu must still go to work everyday.
    He'd look to his wife all work and no play.
    The wife was now for his future planning.

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    She advised him to have a store of his own
    So that he could ever be his own master.
    He did not need to obey another,
    That he would always feel so bad and moan.

    She gave him two hundred taels of silver
    For him to use to open a drug store.
    He dream'd that he would have his wealth galore,
    In the near future when he grew older.

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