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    Atfirst he thought it's too far from Peking
    ThatManchu army could never reach him.
    Buthe's totally wrong and war began;
    TheManchu cavalry did cross the span.

    Wuwas vanquish'd and slain in battle at last.
    Andhis faithful followers ran away fast.
    OnlyChen stayed in the temple peacefully,
    Anddied in her old age naturally.

    7)Fox Genie

    Onceupon a time there dwelt a rich man
    Ina big village, from an ancient clan.
    Helived with mom; his dad died long ago.
    Hewas now single, which gave him much ado.

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    Fiveyears ago he married a girl in joy.
    Twoyears later she died in birth of a boy.
    Nowthe son was three years old and healthy.
    Thegrandma looked after him carefully.

    Theman owned a shop selling salt and rice,
    Allnecessities in life. He's so nice.
    Fromtime to time he left home to buy goods,
    Andoften traveled by the way thru woods.

    Oncein the woods, he saw a girl crying.
    Hewent close to ask what she's suffering.
    Mystepmother intended to kill me,
    Iescaped here and don't know where to flee.”

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