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    Butthey feared the dwarf'd find their affair out;
    Sothey plott'd how to get rid of the lout.
    Thenwhen the dwarf fell sick, which gave them chance.
    Qinggave Pan poison, who poisoned th' nuisance.

    Nowthey lived together without fear,
    Asthey're on bed, none'd suddenly appear.
    Nowthey were happy like fish in water,
    Likelarks in the sky would sing and hover.

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    Butthey forgot the dwarf had a brother,
    Whowas now away to somewhere farther.
    Oneday Wu did return to his yamen.
    Theillegal couple felt the bad omen.

    Heinvited some neighbors to inquire,
    Andwas told his dear brother did expire.
    Hewas enraged and wanted to revenge.
    AsQing had kungfu, this was a challenge.

    Wutook a sword with him to seek for Qing,
    Anddid find him somewhere in good timing,
    Asin fear Qing was about to escape.
    Wucaught him and yelled, “You, big wicked ape!”

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    Wu'skungfu was better than that of Qing;
    Hejumped up to attack Qing like lightning.
    Qingused a sword while Wu used a sharp knife;
    Andafter twenty rounds, Wu took Qing's life.

    Thenhe went to the dwarf's house and killed Pan.
    Hewent to yamen as he's a good man.
    Heconfessed his killing to the mayor,
    Whosentenced him to exile to labor.

    6)Chen, a Singsong Girl

    QinhuaiRiver was a place of renown.
    Thepleasure boats on it were, too, well-known.
    Itwas very close to Nanking city.
    Thepatrons were all from high society.

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    Therewere singsong girls on the pleasure boats;
    Thepatrons were all rich, wearing fine coats.
    There'sa girl called Chen, who could sing and dance.
    Allpatrons who saw her fell into trance.

    Thelast Ming emperor was sad these days,
    Toplease him, a courtier thought of some ways.
    Hewould find some pretty girls who could sing,
    Andcould also play sweet tunes on the string.

    Aspretty girls were known always in south,
    Thecourtier went south and reach'd river mouth.
    Ona pleasure boat he found pretty Chen,
    Andlet her sing so that he could listen.

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    Hepaid the bawd thousand taels of silver,
    Andtook her away from Qinhuai river.
    Hepresented her to the emperor,
    Buthe wasn't in the mood to have clamor.

    Sothe courtier had to bring the girl back.
    Sothe girl lived there with nothing to lack.
    Sometimesshe danced and sang for family
    Andsometimes she did them for guests only.

    Thattime Manchu in the north would invade
    MingDynasty with their swift cavalcade.
    Insuch a case, the emperor sent Wu,
    Abrave general, to resist Manchu.

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    Wucame to Peking to see His Majesty
    Whorelied on him for nation's safety.
    Wu'sfamily lived in the capital.
    Wuwent home and his parent felt dismal.

    Warcosts life. No guarantee he's alive.
    Itdepends on individuals to strive.
    AlthoughWu was brave and had fighting skill,
    Hehad to choose between killed or to kill.

    Thecourtier invited Wu to his home.
    Theyhad dinner, drank good wine and ate pome.
    Therecame the singsong girl to entertain.
    Shedanced, and could just solo in refrain.

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    Wuwas till single, and fell in love with her.
    Aftdinner he asked host for the dancer.
    Thehost was glad to let him have the girl.
    Wuwas so happy to feel his head whirl.

    Hetook the dancing girl to his own home,
    Andwanted to put her under his dome.
    ThenWu must leave for the frontier in north
    Heled a large strong army and rode forth.

    Heguard'd the Pass at east end of Great Wall.
    Itwas very hard to foe's hands to fall.
    Howe'er,misfortunes never come alone.
    Noneof dynasties could long keep their throne.

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    Atthe time there were rebels e'erywhere,
    Ascorruption o'er nation was severe.
    Rebelsbeat local government army
    Andmarch'd to capital in victory.

    Afterthree days' fight, they entered Peking.
    Thenthe emperor had himself hanging.
    Thusperish'd the corrupt Ming Dynasty.
    Rebelsestablish'd their own dynasty.

    Theirdynasty was short-lived in Peking,
    Likethe dew on the grass in the morning.
    Theirhead made a fatal mistake ever.
    Hekilled Wu's parents like cutting fodder.

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    Besides,he took the young girl Wu cared most.
    Wugot news and must revenge at all cost.
    Heled his army back to capital.
    Thenfollowed in his wake Manchu marshal.

    Rebelswere defeat'd by allied army,
    Andthen escaped to areas so hilly.
    Wuchased them and entirely wiped them out,
    Inhis pursuit he heard a girl's shrill shout.

    Hefound his lovely Chen at the roadside.
    She'sleft there as rebels away to stride.
    Wugot a coach for her and they march'd west,
    Tillthey reach'd the farthest province for rest.

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    Inthat province We ruled his own domain,
    Farfrom Peking, he had his power sustain.
    Heand Chen lived happily together,
    Tillhe suddenly found the girl older.

    Sohe got a couple of girls much younger,
    Beganto ignore Chen altogether.
    Chenleft the house and lodg'd in a temple nigh.
    Eachday she'd read Buddhist books and then sigh.

    Wuwas a strong and an ambitious man.
    Sincehe's far from Peking, he'd a great plan.
    Hedeclared independence suddenly,
    Andwanted to found his own dynasty.

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