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    All at once, appeared the monk from Mt. Jin.
    He looked fierce at the boy's birthday party.
    At his intrusion, the white snake's angry,
    But she could not fight the monk with guests in.

    They flew to nearest suburb and fought there.
    The white snake was at last caught by the monk,
    And thus their combat came to final conk.
    The green snake fled and hid in a far mere.

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    There's Thunder-Peak Pagoda near West Lake.
    Underneath it, the monk confined the snake,
    Who was there bound head and tail on a stake,
    So that she had no chance escape to make.

    Guests all left, and the house was now empty.
    Xu didn't know how to live on with his son.
    He had half a mind to commit the arson.
    But he must work hard in this society.

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    Twenty years passed. The boy was now of age.
    He was told what happened to his mother.
    To seek her, he bade farewell to father.
    He went to see the monk in his high rage.

    When he learned whereabouts of his mother,
    He went to the pagoda and cried hard,
    And wish'd to break pagoda into shard,
    So that he could release his dear mother.

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    The white snake underground heard her son's cry,
    Which hurt her heart. So she shed bitter tears.
    She could do nothing. She was bound for years.
    The son's wail was so loud to reach the sky.

    He knelt before pagoda for three days.
    The heavenly king was so moved on high
    That even His Majesty gave a sigh.
    To the wish of the son He couldn't say nays.
    So the pagoda collapsed right away,
    And the snake flew upward on her freed way.

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    2) Karma of Three smiles

    Tang was a painter really so well-known
    Almost to people in and outside the town.
    He liked sightseeing and traveled a lot,
    No matter the weather was cold or hot.

    The picturesque scenes helped him very much
    In painting with inspirational touch.
    He went to a temple to worship Buddha,
    And want'd to scale the nearby pagoda.

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    Tang lived in the famous city—Suzhou,
    Where he had a best friend by name of Zhou,
    Who was a calligrapher of renown.
    For sale in a shop he had his works shown.

    In a small town some hundred miles away,
    There dwelt a family with surname Chay.
    One day the old lady of the family
    Went to the temple of Buddha so piously.

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    She had four pretty maids on her to wait.
    They all did their long hair into a plait.
    The most beautiful one's called Autumn Scent,
    Whose service made the old lady content.

    The lady went to Suzhou in a ship,
    Where the Buddha in the temple to worship.
    Just this maid accompanied the lady.
    Other three maids were left aboard idly.

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    The lady kowtowed on a kneeling mat.
    She felt hard to stand as she's a bit fat.
    Seeing that, the maid helped her on her feet,
    While aman came in from the sunny street.

    When Tangset eyes on the girl with fair skin,
    He at oncewish'd to have her heart to win.
    As thelady stood up and stepped aside,
    The maidkowtowed too, with her face to hide.

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    Tang cameto kneel beside the pretty lass,
    The oldlady thought the man was so brass,
    As men andgirls not allowed to get close,
    If theywere strangers, they should not appose.

    As thegirl's skirt spread on the mat so wide,
    Tang gotknees on it as he knelt beside.
    The girlfound it as she'd get on her feet.
    She lookedat the man and their eyes did meet.

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    When Tangrose, his cap on head was askew.
    The girldid smile as she saw the weird view.
    Tangmistook as her show of love to him,
    And so hefell into fanciful whim.

    Now hefollowed the girl where'er she went.
    He was nota man to behave prudent.
    Then thelady and girl were back to ship.
    Tang hireda boat to be on the same trip.

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