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    To the seller of a nearby drug store
    he handed money, about to close the deal;
    He wanted to finish it, and back to meal,
    And also back to his family chore.

    But it was found that the silver was stolen
    From the treasury of local government.
    For human things the snake had no judgment,
    When Mr.Xu learned it, he felt so sullen.

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    She justlay hands where silver was abundant,
    And neverknew that this was a great crime.
    She justthought it was easy way at that time.
    Herdecision to get it was adamant.

    Xu wasarrested and put into jail.
    Then hewas exiled to Suzhou City,
    He had anuncle living there; he was lucky.
    His unclepaid money to get him out on bail.

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    The uncleof Xu also had a drug shop.
    Now heworked for his uncle for a living.
    He workedhard and brought his uncle much earning.
    He stayedin the store and worked without stop.

    The wife soon learned the situation of her man.
    By her magic power she flew to Suzhou,
    And moved all the store stuffs here from Hangzhou.
    She opened a new shop, waiting for her man.

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    As if by chance, the maid met Xu one day,
    In the street when he walked round at lunch time.
    He's surprised to see her in his pastime,
    And asked her about where now was their stay.

    No answer, she just led him to their store.
    The couple met in a new city again.
    She tried to have him quit the job, but in vain,
    Until she showed him round their new drug store.

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    The uncle was understandable and let him go.
    He repaid his uncle the money for the bail.
    He ran his shop, forgetting his days in jail.
    And a bright future he's looking forward to.

    How time flies! Thus elapsed two happy years.
    He was glad that his wife was now with child.
    One day there came a monk, looking so wild,
    Who kidnapped Xu, and the wife's now in tears.

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    The monk lived in the temple on top of Mt. Jin,
    Who could exercise very great magic power,
    And could also even remove a tall tower,
    To where he wanted it to be with a din.

    When he learned a snake married a human,
    He was in rage and made a secret wish.
    As she's pregnant, he couldn't have her to punish,
    That was why instead he took away the man.

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    Mt. Jin lies on north bank of Yangtze River.
    The surroundings are picturesque in sight.
    The wife took her maid there the monk to fight,
    As by magic she knew her man was there.

    Both the snakes came to the monk face to face.
    The monk flared up, and yelled to them, “Youbitch!”
    but he forgot they're not bitch, just the witch.
    Although they were surely another race.

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    The white snake raised up water from the river.
    She wanted to flood the temple on the hilltop.
    But the advance of the waves got a stop,
    As monk threw down his cassock on the water.

    At last the snakes were beaten in the fight,
    As the monk had much greater magic power.
    They had to retreat to a nearby bower,
    And then they flew up into air in flight.

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    As the man insisted in going back,
    Finally the monk had to let him go.
    When he reach'd the Broken Bridge in Hangzhou,
    He saw his wife there to welcome him back.

    They went home, waiting for the baby's birth.
    She feared the baby would have a snake's head.
    And it was also the maid, Little Green's dread.
    But the man was enjoying his great mirth.

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    In due time, the baby was born, a boy.
    It was so lovely with the baby fat.
    The skin was so soft like the fur of cat.
    Both parents were in ecstasy and joy.

    A party's held as the boy's one year old.
    All friends were invited and came to greet.
    The boy helloed the guests, his smile so sweet.
    And he chatted with the adults, so bold.

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