Is Scribendi Really So Legitimate?

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Thread: Is Scribendi Really So Legitimate?

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    Is Scribendi Really So Legitimate?

    I've used that editing service so many times. I also used it when I republished my series' sequel after the reviews were unsatisfying. I paid for a critique when submitting that manuscript to Scribendi. However, the editor said that there were lots of flaws and that they recommended the line-by-line editing service instead. And they suggested lots of changes, particularly on dialogue. They pointed out when the dialogue was unnatural and what the characters would say instead. I took all those suggestions.
    However, when I published the sequel again, despite much better reviews, some still say the dialogue is flawed. It's driving me crazy, honestly, especially since that editor really emphasized on its flaws and told me how to word them exactly.
    Could Scribendi really not be so legitimate? I know it's not a scam. Unless the editor made some errors with the dialogue wording, I don't understand why certain readers still find problems with the dialogue. If anything, I think it's more natural and improved since I first published the story. I've also made lots of major changes to the story, including cutting a couple of chapters that didn't serve much of a purpose, yet kept the same storyline and sub plots. Do you think the editor wasn't the best fit for me? Or could Scribendi not really be worthy?
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    I used them once in my writing career for one year. That was over 6 years ago since I wanted to publish and wanted to edit my writing for short stories to get these published (I assumed these were good stories at the time but I dont think now they were). They didn't edit everything I wrote (sentences)because I imagine now that it was a lot of work besides having dyslexia (some sentences could have been phrased better). So draw your own conclusions if they were being lazy. Sometimes my sentences according to my brother didn't work even after a revision by the editor (they sounded awkward). In that case I asked for another revision, and they helped me. However, you must ask for it in time. They did a better job that time around. But I was lucky my brother caught them. The stories didn't sell. I learned I should edit it for myself since even though it was cheap, if it added up I would not be able to do this every time.

    It's a lesson I learned the difficult way. You have to have beta readers just in case your story has these issues. It was my oldest brother who pointed this the mistakes they didn't do a good job on. My advice: use beta readers when editing a work of fiction. If someone tells you it isn't right. Then ask for a revision if you are still in time. Another lesson is to learn how to edit your own work.

    For me they are an editing service foremost. They probably never did that kind of editing when I was trying to revise my short stories (dialogue). This is anecdotal since my experience probably varies. They are cheaper that most editing services that I know. That said I decided to edit my own work. Which is short stories now that I have the assistive technology to correct it much better. If they are editing for content they aren't qualified in my opinion. They are good in my experience at grammar and smoothening out the sentences to make these read better.
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    I will consider beta readers for my current project. That sounds good. So, maybe I should skip Scribendi in the future for content editing.


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