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    Belzarbi and Anjuman First Draft

    Hi, I've written a new story. I hope you will like it. All critique is welcome.

    Remember in my fantasy world, parohumans are humanoids descended from parrots and Delves are corrupted elves.

    10. Belzarbi and Anjuman

    The Mathematical Institute at Balaberra University was currently hosting the Hunzuu dinner in honour of one of the most famous mathematicians in history, Doctor Belzarbi Hunzuu. Dr Hunzuu was a parohuman of Timneh ethnicity with blue-grey skin, and long, straight, blue-grey hair. His biography stated that he was born on 7th June 1912, and his amazing contributions to the fields of science and mathematics were now celebrated and honoured.

    The turnout of staff and students had been incredibly high thought Pan Liang as he helped himself to roasted chestnut and Wardolf salad. Pan was a professor of Music but he did admire Dr Hunzuu and so he had gladly attended the dinner. The subject of conversation was currently Belzarbi’s mysterious disappearance. Although legally declared dead in 1954, the police had discovered a suicide note and a bottle of cyanide but no body. The vast majority believed that the immortal Gods had saved him and given him a new life when he was on the verge of suicide. Pan shook his head. While same sex love was legal in his country, all discussion of it was still heavily censored. Although he identified as straight, Pan was glad to be living in Aescledu. He didn’t like anyone’s biography being censored just because they happened to fall in love with people of their own biological sex. At least both his country and the country Belzarbi was born in acknowledged his contribution to Maths and Science so that was something.

    “Excuse me” A musical voice cut into Pan’s musings. “Could you pass the lamb chops please?” Pan jumped and passed the lamb chops to Loreleia Rodove.

    “Thanks” the beautiful elf smiled at him. “It’s a shame you’re a herbivore.”

    Pan shrugged. “So, what were you and Seldanna talking about?” he asked, gesturing Seldanna, who was taking a sip of orange juice.

    “The role of numbers in music”.

    “Ah yes, one of the things Dr Hunzuu was famous for.”

    “He invented the famous formula stating that the longest side of a right angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides”.

    "Indeed he did”

    The two elves and the parohuman soon descended into a discussion of trigonometry.

    Meanwhile, Justinian Constantinus and Ambrosius Barda were discussing calculus, something else Dr Hunzuu was famous for. “Didn’t Belzarbi work with Sir Kaspar Knight, the man who came up with the law of gravity?”

    “Yes he did though there is no evidence that apple actually fell on his head. He might have just seen it fall.”

    “Well we know he ate the apple anyway”.

    “Back to calculus, we know it focusses on limits, functions, derivatives, integrals and infinite theories…”

    Derion was more interested in discussing the man’s life than his achievements. The werewolf nervously dissected his fish and removed the bones, placing them on the side of his plate. He didn’t want to choke.

    “He was the son of a civil servant wasn’t he?” Derion asked as he speared some fish on the end of his fork and put it in his mouth.

    “Yep. He was educated at this top private school. I forget what it was called. Then he went to Legaro University”. Picolo put some broccoli in his mouth. “Mmm broccoli with seawater salt on it wow”.

    “His research in probability theory won him a fellowship”.

    Picolo nodded. “That was before the trigonometry and calculus though”.

    “Then he did this PHD in mathematical logic”.

    “I wish the man hadn’t become a codebreaker though. It wasn’t safe”.

    “It’s ironic that he survived that but then got crushed by Afuzoa’s homophobia.”

    “Not just ironic but tragic. That poor man’s life was ruined, and why? Because he fell in love with men”. Derion accidentally beheaded his fish.

    “Why is that such a problem?” asked Picolo genuinely.

    “It’s been a problem for centuries but it’s so utterly meaningless.”

    “The Delves think the immortal Gods don’t like it.”

    Picolo rolled his eyes. “The immortal Gods don’t care. Ajun dates both genders for a start.”

    “These plates and dishes look nice” Arlen Fenren eyed them. They were bordered with images of zebras, elephants, rhinos, hippos, cheetahs and lions, all native to Fleybia.

    “Yes we wanted to use items that illustrated Afuzoan culture in order to honour Dr Hunzuu” explained one of the dons.

    “The music is amazing as well” remarked Venali Keymyar as the jazz music faded out to be replaced by a Blues song.

    “Oh you know the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?” Tian Heng excitedly asked her friend Kang Bao.

    “What about it?” asked Kang.

    “Is it possible that Dr Jekyll is based on Dr Hunzuu?”

    Kang thought about it. “I don’t know. It was never confirmed by the author but…” She furrowed her brow in thought. “Both were well respected, intelligent, wealthy, but I have no idea if Belzarbi had his own private lab or did experiments.”

    “Doubtful. And he certainly wouldn’t drink something that would bring an evil alter ego to the surface. That just doesn’t happen in real life.”

    “Oh, who was the man he was romantically involved with?” asked Cheng Wu.

    “Anjuman, a Bengali philosopher.”

    “What exactly happened though?”

    “He was put on trial but he didn’t actually go to prison. He just disappeared before he was due to be imprisoned, leaving behind cyanide and his suicide note.”

    “I hope the Utanian Gods did save him”.

    The music was abruptly switched off and a don stood up tapping his glass with a fork. “May I have everyone’s attention please? I am delighted to announce that it has been decided to place Belzarbi Hunzuu’s picture on the ten Crescent Credit.”

    A storm of cheering and clapping welcomed this news.

    “Dr Belzarbi Hunzuu was an outstanding mathematician whose work has had an enormous impact on how we live today…” the don continued. “His contributions were far ranging and path breaking. When he was prosecuted for having a relationship with another man, he lost his security clearance and had to stop working for the government. Whether the immortal Gods saved him from actual imprisonment or not, the way the scientist was treated was appalling and completely unfair. He was an exceptional man with a brilliant mind…”

    A few days after the Hunzuu Dinner, Derion mused. This man was someone he greatly admired. He longed to know what had happened to him for certain. The werewolf walked under the shade of the Eucalyptus trees before calling his ex, the celestial nymph Samilisa. The two once had a brief relationship but parted as friends.

    “Derion, what can I do for you?” asked the beautiful nymph.

    Derion told her about the Hunzuu Dinner. The nymph smiled. “It’s not common knowledge but Aphrodeena, goddess of love visited Belzarbi when he was on the verge of suicide. She offered to transform him into another entity to save him from imprisonment and possible barbaric treatment while in prison. He chose to become a barn owl. And yes, I think subconsciously the man who wrote Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was indeed influenced by Belzarbi Hunzuu. I mean not many know what happened to him so maybe he did come up with the idea of a chemical substance that produced a split personality.”

    “So the Gods saved him after all?” Derion smiled.

    “They did” Samilisa replied.

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    “He invented the famous formula stating that the longest side of a right angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides”.

    The square root of the sum of the squares, the simple sum of the squares would make it huge.
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    Thanks - forgot my maths there.


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