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    The Pen Name Thread

    Pen name is optional, but important. It is something that your book and you are going to live with or abandon had your work failed. It also serves as a mask when you don't want that creative work traces back at you. Or maybe to prevent sh*tty people in your life from finding and demoralize you.

    Pen name still has to fit the kind of genre we are writing. If you're writing a chick lit, Stravorski von Stradale as pen name may not fit for it. This applies too when you're writing a detective novel. Dick Longstick or Yves Sumbidge wouldn't be the advisable pen names for it.

    So, if you have some pen names or looking to use one, what's your tips in creating one? If you're keen in sharing, what's the origin of your active pen name?

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    Related to the quite popular gender threads, aren't a lot of pen names based around that? Men posing as women to publish romance and women posing as men to publish sci-fi?
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    Using a middle name is also a good way to go. Some have done an anagram of their name to come up with something new.
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    How long before 'Biro' posts here?

    Personally I have always used my real name, well 'Olly' for 'Oliver', but I am always called that. I did, however, have someone send me a PM once asking how I managed to think up such a good user name
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    If you choose a pen name, you may want to go with one which has a "history" of other authors who had the same last name.


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