post disappeared after the exact second I posted it....

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Thread: post disappeared after the exact second I posted it....

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    post disappeared after the exact second I posted it....

    I had a post that I posted with an interesting challenge but the second I posted it it disappeared... the first thing I thought was that it was taken down by someone that didn't read it... but It took two seconds to come down... so that's imposible.. they didn't have even a chance to read the title or comprehend what was being said. so ta cant be it unless they just rage quit/cancelled it again without fully comprehending... the other possibility is a automated process flagged it... it's a pro lgbt post and an the start of an interesting conversation about old tech that people don't think exist but does... I think it's sad that I can't even copy and past it... I think it should have a chance.
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    Some posts, such as those made to the Feedback or Beta Readers' boards, are automatically moderated and then manually approved. I can find no record of the post you mention ... sorry, no conspiracy
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    Interesting. I will try to post it later... This time I will make a copy... I find it odd how it disappeared but find that there is no foul play then.


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