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    I wouldn't pay for any writing tools, but I found that pro-writing aid provides a lot of tools in the free version, and because of that I prefer it over grammarly. I agree that the program doesn't take into consideration names or, in my case, word choice in dialogue, but other than that there doesn't seem to be a big issue.

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    Craft / Draft / Graft And Write To Entertain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMightyAz View Post
    Thank You for this

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    My experience with PWA is that I use it as a tool and nothing more. Maybe it's because of my temperament, or my experience with maps and GPS as a truck driver, but I view all of this as just an aid to help me get where I want to go. It's a bad idea to blindly follow a mathematical algorithm. My approach is that I look at what it is flagging and then decide what I want to change. Sometimes I will redo several sentences in the flagged passage, to me the value then is that it is highlighting something that needs attention. I think we forget that a computer is nothing more than a bunch of on/off switches. Programs are nothing more than instructions that tell a computer what switches to throw and when to do it. The programs are wonderful tools, but are only as good as the craftsman using them. You can give me a complete set of Snap-on tools, but I still couldn't change a water pump.

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    I prefer to stick with just the word processor myself, with spell checking switched on. Even the spell check is more for confirmation. Perhaps I'm fortunate that my spelling and grammar are reasonably sound. This means add-ons can be more a distraction than a benefit.

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