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Thread: Rejection slips thread and acceptances

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    Rejection slips thread and acceptances

    Thank you very much for submitting, but I'm sorry to say I can't accept "All Windows can See" for Reckoning. In part, I felt that the writing was a bit wordy and repetitive and this slowed down the narrative drive of the story.

    Reckoning Editorial Staff

    Seems as if the grammar was right and correct using medialexie. However, Chris Miller mentioned this and repetition is a weakness of mine. I didn't use voice notes for that one though which has gotten me confused. Past writing was much more incoherent I can tell but I will always edit with a voice note and not look back.

    First specific criticism I get from reckoning so that is a good thing. It means progress.
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    I've had about 50-60 rejections over the last three years or less compared to only one acceptance, and let me tell you,
    the responses have varied dramatically, and have been as follows:

    - One sentence rejections that basically say 'sorry' with little else (very vague)
    - A full paragraph (written in a nice way), detailing why they are rejecting the manuscript
    - A few lines (written more forcefully, with more criticism), telling of the rejection
    - Flat out rude rejection (I've had a couple of these)
    - Nothing at all

    The one acceptance that I have had detailed a couple things that needed fixing (which was a great help to me and my
    writing style), and explained what the story meant to them, and why that made them want to publish it.

    There are many flips of the coin when it comes to submitting work. Problem is, as a writers, our emotional state is
    already somewhat of a mess to begin with. It's far too easy to feel down after a rejection (or several of them), and
    harder to bounce back afterwords.

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