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    Question Uploading to Wattpad-like site

    Sorry if this is not the correct section since this isn't exactly self-publishing per-se.

    Anyway, I ran into this Wattpad-like website last night. It's a local e-reading site from my country (Indonesia), called Storial.co (isn't in English btw).

    The site's been up for a while, it looks neater than Wattpad imo and it doesn't seemingly allow text-copying, as one of the feats. I noticed many works have been uploaded there (and so far I see mostly are delivered in decent writing format), though the pool is still less crowded than Wattpad's. They're on their own movement to support writers, so they have their own currency and royalty program for writers, provided they have uploaded some chapters and gained readers. There are only a few English-written works there so far, which mine would be added under that category.

    I'm contemplating on uploading my first work there, which seems not giving a crap as long as it's not an erotica and certainly don't have to deal with publisher's 3-to-6-months-long hung-ups. Perhaps would be a better platform considering we are in a harder situation nowadays. Since I can't find local forums for me to ask about it, I would like to see your thoughts about this site.

    Has anyone ever uploaded their works to a similar site out there (or even to Wattpad itself)? What do you think of the pros and cons, especially to new writer like I am?

    Do they hold the rights of your uploaded work that may hold you back from getting it actually traditionally/digitally published in the future?


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    If you upload it to someone else's website, your first rights are gone. The only rights you retain are anthology rights.

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    I wouldn't upload anything to those sites if your main goal is to get it published. Even if it doesn't allow text-copying, it's not hard to download some plugin for it. If it's a serious story with 'original' ideas, keep them to yourself until the day you publish it.



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