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    Fantasy World Help

    I'm currently working on a fantasy world set in a location similar to Earth with humans, elves, goblins, dwarves and orcs. They might be more standard fantasy trope beings. I have three goals for this world and I might do it in a series of short stories.

    1.Set stories in locations not based on medieval Europe. I have one story so far and other ideas of when to set others.
    --Ancient Egypt
    --Either Greek or Roman based Empire
    --Age of Colonization or Renaissance
    --Old West
    --1920s or 1930s

    2. Establish why humans eventually dominate the planet.

    3. Establish a villain for the storyline.

    What tips and ideas do you have for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willmatron View Post

    What tips and ideas do you have for me?
    What kind of tips and ideas are you looking for specifically?

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    Just any random ideas that might make it more original.

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    Having humans, elves, goblins, dwarves and orcs will mark your work as potentially a little LOTR-derivative so maybe see what variants you can come up with on those. In terms of setting, I would love to see a fantasy setting based on something similar to the Silk Road but that's just me; read around various times and see what piques your interest. I'm reading the Swords and Fire trilogy by Melissa Caruso at the moment, and it's loosely based on revolution-era Italy (1800s), with Venetian-style court opulence and distant mountain kingdoms. Then think about your standard fantasy things - magic tends to come up a lot so maybe reimagine how that might work. And there's your general plot too. The whole dark lord thing is well-trodden so again,see what other threats you can conjure up.

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    "I'm using a lot of fantasy tropes. How do I make it more original?"

    Don't use so many overdone fantasy tropes.

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    I would say focus on what will make your story unique and go from there. As an example, my current WIP, is a Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fantasy, set in a world full of magic and monsters. Has it been done before? Yes. But I've got my own twists and turns ready to make it truly unique and all my own.
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    Eh, I don't think there's anything wrong with well-trod tropes. And anyways, elves and dwarves and a dark lord in the Old West sounds pretty original--I'd probably like something like that (though you'd have to nail the Western feel, which might be weird paired with a Tolkeinesque feel).

    A villain ... I can't tell you what kind of villain your story needs. Are you thinking the conflict will be big and cosmic, or more individual vs. individual? Are you thinking a demonic, pure-evil villain or just a fallen or misguided person? Or maybe someone/something that just happens to be in the protagonist's way (could even be a force of nature)?

    When you say the humans dominate the planet, do you mean they actually rule over it or they're just the majority? Are the humans the villains?
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    I have the first story of my fantasy world finished and typed up and I'll try to get up on the site in a few days so it can be reviewed.

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    There are two ways. One, your story tells this world. A historical one. You may add aliens in it.

    The other way, create a new world. My suggest, forget hobbits or dwarfs. Create your own creatures. They may be humans too, but in another planet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willmatron View Post
    Just any random ideas that might make it more original.
    The more you think creatively, the better your brain becomes at generating ideas. Its like muscle. Exercise makes it better at what it does.

    So starting off in cliche and stereotype isn't bad. As it gets you writing and gets you thinking as a creative, where you'll find that as you write, as long as you free your mind, you'll get idea after idea that individually seems small, but adds up. And as you grow and mature as a writer and as a human being, you'll find your final draft is alot different from the concepts you started from.

    I know personally, someone who can't write because they're waiting for that killer original idea. So just dive in. And have fun with it. It shouldn't be something to worry about.

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