MISTAKE to Launch a NEW (nonfiction) BOOK during the Pandemic?

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Thread: MISTAKE to Launch a NEW (nonfiction) BOOK during the Pandemic?

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    Question MISTAKE to Launch a NEW (nonfiction) BOOK during the Pandemic?

    Launched book#4 yesterday and I'm a bit concerned about the effect of the Pandemic/recent riots on sales of this nonfiction book. Sales of my other 3 nonfiction books took a sharp nose dive in April (worst month of sales I've ever had!) and continued through the first half of May. Thankfully, sales finally returned to a normal pace in the 2nd half of May and my Amazon ads started working well again. I didn't want to hold off on launching this new book any longer b/c the timing seemed right to release it before Father's Day (my new book is basically a recap of last year's off-road racing season where my teenage son and I won the championship). It will be interesting to see how the Pandemic affects sales of this new book and whether it was a mistake to launch it now or perhaps I should have held off til later in the year when the Pandemic and riots will (hopefully) subside. What do you folks think?
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    Weird times, Mikey. I have no insight, but Magic 8 Ball says –– (shakes 8Ball) –– "Chances Are Good".

    And THAT's about as reliable an answer you'll get to your question, I suspect.

    Sounds like a good Father's Day gift. And with Summer coming on, people are dying to get outside, so the topic might be already on the mind of your audience.

    Bottom line: Who knows?

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    Quarantine: Being locked up with the books you have either already read or meant to and didn't...probably for a reason that makes surfing the internet for new reads pretty appealing.

    Libraries: closed except for their digital collections. Reduced choices there, too.

    Releasing your book might look different marketing-wise but the time sounds ripe for people to look for new reading material to buy from home. Hope to hear that you reap the benefits after all!

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    I think it's a great time to get stuff out there, for people have little else to do. That said, as always, the trick is getting noticed enough for people to try your work.


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