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    There might be nothing more intimidating than an empty message box. Iím Tryon. Sometimes I write stuff and other times I donít. Iíll be here, reading a lot at first. I feel like I really need to get a handle on the forum before I start posting. There is so much here. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this community.

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    Welcome! Hopefully we can fill up your message box in the days ahead...


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    Well, hello, Tryon! Nice to have you here, go ahead and have a look around the forums. Your timing is good if you like to write even sometimes! Check out what just started: Write a story based on the song of your choice! I'm planning to take a crack at this I hope you'll join in. Literary Maneuvers challenges are a great way to get into it.

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    Tryon -- welcome aboard. Just dive in m'man. You'll find that sometimes you'll be thrown a life preserver, other times a harpoon, either way the intent is always to help out. Now, you might well ask, "how is a harpoon going to help me out?" Ah! you'll have to write something to answer that question. A good starter is to find a poem or story you like, read it a number of times, form your own opinion of it--the good, the bad, and the ugly--then read the forum comments on it. Gives you an idea of how we do things around here. Over many years, I've tried out about six internet writing forums--this one is hands-down the best.


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