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    Seen or heard?

    It's an interesting dilemma. When going through the final editting process fir a poem, do I focus on how it looks on the page, or souns when read aloud? Certainly lyrics or shape poetry have clear answers here, but when the form itself is not strictly defined around one means of 'readind' over the other, which do you favor? For myself I have a strong bias towards being read aloud.
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    When I was working on my NaPo efforts, most of the time I wanted a poem to have a certain sound to it. But being also involved in the visual arts, there are poems that I want to look a certain way.

    I try to write poetry only for the amazement of having done so, though, so consider the source.

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    I can't read aloud, but I was a dancer, and I once could play the violin. So, for me the poem needs to be musical, and I don't mean metrical, or in a certain shape. No, it has to have a sort of rhythm that is intrinsic, not so visible. Can't explain properly.
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    Poetry is a blend of high literature which is bourgeois, and aural tradition which is proletariat. So the gamut runs to both extremes. I’ve heard it said that some poems are written for the page and some for the stage. And that’s true. A well delivered aural poem can be very entertaining, but does it stand up to rigid literary criticism? On the other hand, some very sophisticated poems fall flat to the ear.

    Any poem benefits from reading aloud. If it doesn’t sound good, you might as well write an essay or a short story. But anything can be entertaining with enough theatrics, so a poem’s structure and intent has to stand on its own merit as a work of art. That’s more than a ditty.


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