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    Hi Tyron, welcome to the forum. There is a difference between being worried by something and using a reasonable degree of caution. I think your comments about food actually say it pretty well. One of my favourite quotes is from Marcus Aurelius, a Roman Emperor who fought the Germans and died fairly young, probably from T.B. He said "One should not fear death. Death is a natural event, and only fools and children are scared of natural events." Some thing you don't seek, but they are not going to rule your life either

    Look forward to you getting your first ten posts and moving on to full membership when you can post in the workshops and we can see some of your writing.
    The breakdown occurs at the definition of 'reasonable'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RWK View Post
    The breakdown occurs at the definition of 'reasonable'.
    Not so much a breakdown as a variable. For example, my granddaughter who is a fit healthy three year old, will return to nursery today, albeit with reduced numbers and some distancing. I, who have a condition that involves me taking immunosuppressants and am seventy five, am maintaining isolation. 'Reasonable' should be defined as taking circumstances into account and making an assessment, not as one size suits all.
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    A quick thought on God and gender: What use would a purely spiritual being have for gender? It's not going to reproduce, nor does It have any reason to excrete waste. God is God. Alpha, Omega, and All That Is.

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