Torn between two cover designs - your input?

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Thread: Torn between two cover designs - your input?

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    Torn between two cover designs - your input?

    I've designed a cover for my action thriller novel and I'm torn between two versions. The minimalist text-only one is slick, unique, confident and doesn't carry any cheese factor, but the one with glass just looks awesome, jumps out, and has that edge of professional design.

    The minimalist one, though, seems plain in comparison. But the glass one kind of strikes me as "just another cover" and seems more commonplace and likely to get ignored.

    (the glass one is just a concept and needs some tweaks; the minimalist one is a final)

    Overall, what would you think if you saw either on a bookstore shelf or website gallery?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	XS DP Cover Glass.jpg 
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Name:	Small DP Cover Fade.jpg 
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    UPDATE: Design revisions in posts 17 and 18.
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    I like the minimalist one.

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    I like the one on the right, though I'd make the letters a little larger so they don't get lost.

    The one on the left, imo, is too chaotic and confusing.
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    Is glass one is messy. Low readability, defeats the purpose of the text there.

    I'll pick the second one.

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    T space betweeb the O and I, the I and N is too large, and the name layout should be reversed so as to look like an arrow pointing to the opening of the book, as for the non-typographical element, is it a book about coal mining...
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    If I were looking at books on a shelf or website gallery, the broken glass one would catch my eye. I am drawn to messy and chaos. I have always loved the significance of broken/shattered glass and it’s meaning to me. IMHO ,I choose the left one.

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    When I scan down the the Amazon deals of the day I am drawn by the cover and title before I even read the book blurb/author. Sorry to be blunt but I would click past both of these covers as neither grabs my attention.
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    The first one could be good once you've tidied it up a bit. I'm not totally sold on the blue dot in the O though. Seems kind of gimmicky and not in keeping with the rest of the design. The text-only one is okay but if I was to pick up a book based on that there would need to be some buzz created around it first.

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